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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Waiting is SO hard!

A slow and reluctant learner, I would now consider myself a relatively patient person. This hasn't come easy! Over many years and many "lessons in patience" sent by the universe, I've had no choice but to learn this trait. 

Gardening is definitely a hobby that includes many of those lessons in patience. Every time I see a new bud forming on one of my plants I get all excited and can hardly wait for it to open.

orchid cactus

But as the days go by, it seems like it's taking that tiny bud FOREVER to open up. Of course it doesn't help that I keep check the buds a couple of times a day! The amaryllis' seem to be the worst when it comes to taking their sweet time to open their gorgeous trumpet flowers.
Apple blossom amaryllis

Oh, the painstaking patience it requires to be a gardener can sometimes be frustrating!
Black-eyed Susan

But, when the day comes that I check the garden and . . .

discover this . . . I am truly rewarded for my reluctant patience!
Sombreuil - old garden rose


Jean Campbell said...

As much fun as the anticipation of buds opening is the discovery of some that you happen upon not realizing they were there until you found a blossom, like Sombrueil recently here.

Apple Blossom is worth the wait for the fragrance, not often found in other cultivars.

Anonymous said...

Boy can I ever relate . . . but you definitely have more patience than I do. Half the time I can't wait to post so I have posts showing only the buds because I'm so excited I want to share "NOW"! A good blogger, such as yourself, would wait until they have pictures of both the buds and the opened blooms . . . but I just can't help myself. :-)

All your blooms are beautiful, but that rose is stunning.

Susan said...

Hi Jean, you are so right. I have a green orchid that always surprises me with an open flower before I even notice the buds. That is always a very pleasant surprise. Apple Blossom does have a wonderful delicate scent. So glad you told me.

Hi Eli, you're funny! I'm just older than you. When you get to be my age you'll have more patience, too. ­čśŐ

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