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Monday, July 07, 2008

From the Green Side

At Hoe and Shovel I read about A Look at Gardens from the Green Side at Emma's A Nice Green Leaf, and I just couldn't resist joining in because green is my favorite color. Even though I love flowers and colorful foliage, there's nothing boring about these green leaves which sport numerous variations of green. A quick glance and you'll miss the beauty of them. You need to be upclose to admire the subtleness of "green" leaves.

A new thick, waxy croton leaf before it changes to include sunset colors (see background leaves).

The happy marriage of green and cream on the Pothos.

Deep blue-green coloration of Peacock Ginger.

A striped bromeliad with all shades of green.

Soft hues of blue-green and white sit atop a deep pink stem on this Snow Bush.

This begonia is the epitome of rich dark blue-green with a surprise of deep burgundy on the underside.

This particular succulent is a soft shade of green.

And, this shade-loving Cast Iron plant looks as though someone painted strokes of color on it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your greens are gorgeous and I don't think I have seen them on other posts.

Meems said...

Susan: Love all your choices for the green side! I really like seeing all the varying greenery on everyone's posts... it was fun.

I think I have all of yours too (and I didn't post any that you did)except for the succulent and the cast iron. I've heard others mention the cast iron but don't think I've seen it in the garden stores. Do you know the botanical name?

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