Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Blues

My garden doesn't have the sad, down in the dumps...B.B. King kind of  "blues." Instead, it's singing joyfully with an abundance of blue-flowering plants these days. From a purplish blue to a hard to find true blue there is...
A LARGE clump of native flag iris.

Here's a close up view of this stunning flower. It's a passalong plant from my neighbor, and it's thriving in a wet, boggy area of my garden.

Walking iris which is also a passalong plant from another neighbor.

Brazilian iris with its tall, stately leaves. It's a real standout in the garden.

Ajuga 'chocolate chip' is an excellent groundcover that produces short stalks of blue flowers in spring.

Native Blue-eyed grass which also does well in wet areas.

Blue Sage...an old-fashioned passalong plant from my brother-in-law's grandmother.

And, last but not least, native spiderwort which can be seen growing in damp ditches along the roadways.

My garden may be blue, but it makes me delightfully happy!


Floridagirl said...

Those are indeed very cheerful blues! I love the irises especially!

Kimberly said...

Susan, your blues are far from down and out! They're glorious! I'm in love with the irises! Your garden is beautiful!!!

sanddune said...

That Brazilian Iris is one cool looking blue flower. I like the intricate design in the flower kinda like an orchid.

Ami said...

All the irises are stunning! I love blue! I keep seeing blue-eyed grass and spiderwort pictures you and other florida bloggers showing in their posts, but wonder why I have not see them for sale. I need to keep looking...

Ami said...

Susan: Thanks the info about brazilian iris you left at my blog! I will go to HD soon to find one!

NanaK said...

I love blue flowers and yours are very beautiful. Those blue-flag iris are really lush. I just bought some for my wet area and I sure hope they grow up to be like yours!

Meems said...

Love the way you do the blues, Susan.

Just planted my first Giant Apostles' Irises today. Hopefully they will bloom. My Lousiana Irises are full of buds ready to burst.

Orlando Realtor said...

Love the photos. Isn't it great to finally see things sprouting in the gardens?

Susan said...

Floridagirl...Irises are a great plant, even if we can't grow the bearded kind.

Kimberly...Thanks. My garden is pretty happy right now, especially since the weather is so beautiful.

Sanddune...The Brazilian is a beauty, and the foliage is very bold and attractive, too.

Ami...I saw blue-eyed grass at Home Depot last week. The spiderwort is a native which is harder to find in local nurseries. Mine came up by itself in my yard.

Kay...The flag iris is the perfect plant for a wet, boggy area. Sometimes they sit in water for weeks at a time...but mostly the soil is continuously damp.

Meems...I used to have some Louisiana iris at a previous yard. They come in really nice colors.

Orlando Realtor...Yes, it is! I think our plants are as happy as we are to finally see spring.

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