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Monday, June 15, 2009

A New Favorite

This Indian Blanket flower is one of my favorite new plants. I planted one plant last summer and it has bloomed continuously since then, only slightly slowing down periodically to produce a new batch of stunning blooms.

It made it unscathed through the winter months with lows in the upper 20's, and the patch has spread to be about 2' x 2'. The eye-catching vibrant bold blooms cover the entire plant and can be seen from anywhere in the front yard, including the road. It does not spread by rooting in but instead just lays on the surface of the ground like a blanket would - perhaps that's where the name comes from. Now with all that being said, it is definitely a keeper.
I have been in search for more of these plants this summer and just recently found some at a local nursery and also at Wally World. My mom and sister did find another variety (Torch Blanket) pictured below at a nursery in their area. When all of the tiny little flowers open on this variety it looks like a ruffly mum. It also is very pretty but not quite as vibrant as the Indian Blanket. I would definitely rate this plant as a "10" for Florida gardens!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love these plants and I can't seem to grow them. They have such happy faces.

Phillip said...

I can see why - that color is something else!

Susan said...

Lisa...They are a very cheerful flower. They're natives so they shouldn't require much attention.

Phillip...It is definitely vibrant. This plant refuses to go unnoticed!

Dirt Princess said...

Oh I love this! It is so bright and colorful, I need to try them

Meems said...

I planted these from seed this year for the first time. They have just started blooming. My blooms don't look quite as big as yours... I'm wondering if I have a different variety. Gaillarda pulchella is what I purchased.

Anyway, yours are very pretty! I am starting to see them everywhere this year... planted in mass they are really wonderful.

I'm curious to see how well mine hold up. Hopefully I'll have the same luck as you.

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