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Monday, June 22, 2009

Queen of the Dark

My neighbor, Nancy, called me at 9 pm last night and invited me over to look at her cactus flower. Well, I already had my p.j.'s on and was hesitant about changing and going out in the 84 degree still-heat of the night, but I said I'd be right over. And boy, am I ever glad I did. It was no ordinary "cactus flower." This giant, night-blooming cactus is astonishingly beautiful and awesome!
I took a photo on the top of my cooktop so that you get an idea of the size of this beauty. I'll be quiet now, so that you can admire this stunning flower in all its glory, whose beauty is reserved only for creatures of the night.

This cactus is a vine that sprawls high up in her Live oak trees. It begins to open around 9 pm and closes prior to dawn. What a shame that this magnificent flower is missed by humans.


Meems said...

Is that the night blooming Cerus? I don't think I spelled that correctly. Anyway, I have these in a few pots and I almost always miss the bloom. Of course mine aren't blooming right now but when they do if I get out just before dawn sometimes that is the best way to catch them.
You were so fortunate to capture this beauty in all her glory.

Faith said...

I just luv that flower it soo beautiful! (well in the dark)Anyway I luv the pics

Rusty in Miami said...

I stood in front of my night bloomer many of nights waiting for the spectacle, and I am amassed every time

Susan said...

Meems...Yes, but it is a larger variety than the usual one. Nancy grows some unusual stuff. This one was closed by 5:30 the next morning. It's a pity that it doesn't bloom in the day, but I guess nature knows what it is doing.

Rusty...I think about it during the day when I see a bloom, but then at night I usually forget to go outside to catch the bloom.

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