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Friday, January 08, 2010

A Frosty Morning

These beautiful Sandhill Cranes were hanging out in the field at my daughter's school yesterday morning. They are always a site to behold, and this morning was no exception as they blended in with the frost that had settled overnight.

When I returned home, I found this little mockingbird sunning himself on my silver gazing ball. I wonder if the sun reflecting on the silver surface was doing an extra good job of warming his cold little body. He didn't seem to mind as I crept closer and closer to him. I guess he wasn't giving up his warm spot.


Dani said...

I just love the Sandhill Cranes! Such an elegant beauty they have.

Christy said...

Emma and I noticed the same cranes. They're some of my favorite birds (and you *know* how I like birds!). We figured they were hanging out in the warmest spot they could find :)

becca said...

I've noticed that about the little animals with the cold here as well. They seem to be much less timid--either out of necessity or lack of ability to run as quickly!

Floridagirl said...

Love that shot of the sandhill cranes in frost!

Susan said...

Dani...They are beautiful birds, and I never tire of seeing them.

Christy...They were right up by the road on the gym side on Wed. They let me get pretty close to them, too.

Becca...Come to think of it, I'm moving pretty slowly these days, too due to the cold weather. :-)

Floridagirl...I couldn't resist taking the photo. There was just something about the gray on gray color. I even ventured out of the car without my jacket to get this shot, and it was VERY cold!

Meems said...

Oh, the sandhill cranes are among my favorites. So majestic in size and graceful movements. Looks like your firespike behind the birdie was tipped a bit with the frost. That's how my pink ones look right now, too. Last year they were burnt to the ground though.
(have been meaning to compliment the new look of your blog- makes me smile)

Susan said...

Meems...That frostbitten plant behind the bird is a clerodendron...can't think of the name at the moment, but it has red flowers that the hummers love. Thanks for the compliment on my new year's facelift. I've been meaning to tell you that yours looks very nice, too. It's nice to change things around once in awhile...kinda like moving the furniture around. It keeps things fresh.

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