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Friday, January 29, 2010

January Orchids

Despite having spent two weeks indoors this month, we've got a handful of orchid in bloom. This orchid always reminds me of butterflies fluttering around. It blooms twice a year, and this time is sporting three long sprays of blooms.

This deep purple phaleonopsis will bloom for several months.

And, these two vandas are repeating for the second time in the last 6 months. They are a real treat!

I always get excited when I see a cattleya bud emerging. The flowers are so large and lovely.

And, a surprise...this is the first time this plant has bloomed for us. I bought it for my husband at an orchid show last spring based on the grower's recommendation. I was in search of a tangerine-color bloom. I am absolutely delighted with the flower...it's gorgeous!


walk2write said...

Your orchids are spectacular! I think that tangerine one is my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.

Meems said...

So stunning, Susan... beautiful colors for a weary winter.

Floridagirl said...

Beautiful orchids! How do you get yours to bloom so often? Mine only bloom once or twice a year. Actually, my vandas have not bloomed since the last scapes finished off around June or July.

Kimberly said...

Wow, Susan! How impressive! I never even considered orchids until I moved to Florida, and then only because I was given one for my birthday (that blooms religiously every year for me during my birthday). Last year I visited an orchid show and was astonished at the varieties, as well as the variety of care. I've always heard orchids were so difficult, and that's not necesarily true! Yours are fabulous! VERY NICE!!!!!

NanaK said...

Those are beautiful blooms to cheer freeze ravaged hearts. I think the peach colored Phal. is my favorite...or maybe the ... Oh, they're all stunning.

NanaK said...

Oops! I guess that peach one is a Vanda. Obviously I don't know much about orchids other than they are pretty.

Susan said...

Walk2write...Thanks, that tangerine blossom is a beauty. I can't quit looking at it.

Meems...Yes, they do brighten the day.

Floridagirl...I whisper sweet nothings to them :-)

Kimberly...They really are very easy if you have the right location...under the shade of oaks with good air circulation. Spray them 2 or 3 times a week with the hose. But be careful...they're VERY addictive. How nice to have your orchid bloom each year for you on your birthday. You might say it's the plant that keeps on giving.

NanaK...It's hard to have a favorite. I've never seen an orchid I didn't like.

ChrisC said...

They'r stunning! You're so right about them being easy to grow.And being addictive!

sanddune said...

Great Orchid pictures. My favorite is the Cattleya. I have one but it hasn't bloomed yet since last June when I got it.
Hope it looks as good as yours when it decides to show itself.

Susan said...

Chris...Maybe we should keep it a secret that they're really quite easy to grow. You know, then folks might be impressed by our gardening skills...that is, until they find out for themselves...then our cover will be blown. :-)

Sanddune...Welcome! I found your blog on Blotanical, and then couldn't read my own handwriting to add you to my blogroll here and at Central Florida Gardener. I look forward to visiting your blog and good luck with your cattleya...I hope it blooms again for you soon.

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