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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day 10 of the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden

Meems at Hoe & Shovel came up with the idea for the 12 Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden.

My mother discovered this huge squirrel's nest lying on the ground in her backyard, and fortunately, she asked if I would like to have it...or rather, she asked if my daughter would. Either way, I jumped at the opportunity. My plan was to place it in the garden as a "natural" type of garden ornamentation.

The neat thing about this nest is that the squirrel built it in a Sabal palm tree, which accounts for the berries that you see wrapped around the outside of the nest. The fact that part of the berries came down with the nest makes it...in my opinion...extra special and decorative looking.

Before it found its way outback, I decided to decorate it for Christmas.
It was easy, since I had all the stuff in my Christmas stash. A pretty gold bow, a red poinsettia (of course), Mr. Cardinal (sorry, but Mrs. Cardinal isn't quite festive enough looking) and 3 brown eggs. So simple, even I could do it!
Here's a close-up look at the palm berries.
I placed the nest on a table between two white wicker chairs on my front porch, and I'm thinking about leaving it there permanently. Of course, I'll remove the festive decoration and create one that will work for the rest of the year. I only hope the neighborhood squirrel's don't get any crazy ideas about using it.

Thanks mom for giving me this "work of nature!"


Dani said...

I love the nest! Extra neat with the palm fruits woven into it.

Dave said...

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Meems said...

That is so perfect! As if the squirrels gave you a Christmas present. The berries make it extra special. I would leave it there all year, too.

Susan said...

Dani...It is indeed x-tra neat.

Dave...When I get a free moment I will visit your site.

Meems...A Christmas present from the squirrels. Hmmm, perhaps its for all the bird seed they snitch from my mom's feeder. :-)

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