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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 8 of the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden

Meems at Hoe & Shovel came up with the idea for the 12 Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden.

I came across this adorable flower pot, and when I saw it...of course... I just "had to have it." Who could resist that mischevious smirk on the plantman's impish face. I'm fascinated with tree faces, and have now discovered "potheads," as I've seen them referred to online. :-)

In the story "The Old House" by Hans Christian Andersen there was a description of...the old house...which included the flowerpots with faces on them:

There were old flowerpots with faces and donkey's ears, and flowers growing out of them just as they pleased. One of the pots was almost brimming over with carnations-that is, with the green part; shoot grew by shoot, and each seemed to say quite distinctly, "The air has blessed me, and the sun has kissed me and promised me a little flower on Sunday! A little flower on Sunday!"

I thought this description appropriate since the plant I have planted in this flowerpot is a Tillandsia..or air plant which is blessed by the air and kissed by the sun and produced a little flower this past Sunday when I discovered it.


Meems said...

I remember the tree you posted a while back with a face on it so I know you are a fan of faces in the garden. I like the Tillandsia you placed in it and the pretty bloom it a bonus.

Susan said...

Meems...Most definitely a bonus at this time of year.

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