Welcome to my zone 9 garden. My roots are deeply planted in the sandy soil of sub-tropical central Florida, where the summers are long and hot, but the rest of the year is paradise!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 12 of the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden

A BIG thank you to Meems at Hoe & Shovel for hosting the 12 Days of Christmas in the Florida Garden.

It was a tremendous amount of fun scurrying around to come up with 12 posts in a row. At first, I wasn't sure it'd be possible, but I quickly found myself thoroughly enjoying the process and anticipating my next post.

For the 12th and final day...a bouquet (or container)...of holiday cheer. And in the words of Old St. Nicholas,
 "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!"


Meems said...

A BIGGER thank you to you, Susan, for joining in the challenge of 12 days of posts. I never really expected anyone to join me (because who would be that crazy!)and when a few of you did it made it so much more fun!

I've always got more ideas than time but doing this pushed me to get my ideas on the blog. I've still got a list of ideas but without deadlines there's no telling when (or if)I'll get them done. LOL

I've enjoyed seeing every single post you created so don't stop now. This planter is very pretty and so cheery for the season. Gotta love that flax lily! So versatile.
Ho,Ho, Ho... and Merry Christmas to you, too.

Susan said...

Meems...I still have a few ideas left for this month, so I'll continue on but, definitely, not everyday! Thanks again for coming up with the idea.

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